The Year of Chests

The Year of Chests

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The doctor broke the news - the “C” word - not what anyone wanted to hear… We know nothing can take that word back or make the journey any easier. We do know, though, that practicing self-care, detoxifying everyday routines, and staying informed can help. That’s why we created The Year of Chests - perfect for anyone starting out their cancer journey.

For the length of a year, we will mail a Survivor Chest care package once every three months. Each Chest will address the current situation, whether that be when the diagnosis is just received, during chemo or surgery, through hair loss, or in those times of fatigue and pain. Upgrade the year by selecting our Luxury Collection, which includes all of the standard items plus two additional LUXE items per care package. We supply the best care package for cancer patients.

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  • The journey starts with The Hope Chest - Specifically designed for women who have been recently diagnosed with cancer. The items inside were chosen to uplift and empower fighters for the road ahead.

  • Next up is The Chemo Chest - A gift box packed full of helpful goodies for treatment, from healing lotion and all-natural lip balm to a therapeutic coloring book and colored pencils. Also included is an adorable tote bag to carry it all in.

  • Then we introduce The Glamorous Chest - A care package stocked full of beauty products that are safe, gentle, and non-toxic; each with symptoms from treatment in mind. Here, there is an option to choose a speciality upgrade for women affected by hair loss or women who have undergone a mastectomy.

  • Finally, we end with The Pampered Chest - A well-deserved spa-in-a-box! We filled this Chest with all the spa essentials, each of which is non-toxic, safe, and great for treatment-related sensitivities. These luxury products will help soothe skin and relax the mind for a peaceful spa-like experience.


*These products are not intended to cure any medical condition or replace your healthcare professional. If you experience any sensitivities, please consult your healthcare professional. 

**Items are subject to change based on season and availability.