The Top Five Essential Oils that Helped Support Me During and After Cancer

I can honestly say that cancer changed my life….for the better! I had started using Young Living Essential Oils about 8 months before my diagnosis and I thank God everyday that I was introduced to them. I had started ditching and switching some of the toxic things from my life to help ward off some funk! And, had begun to switch over my personal hygiene products and cleaning products. Then I got the phone call that I had breast cancer.  

I got the call on June 12th, went through all my testing AGAIN, had surgery on July 3rd, and went through fertility treatments for preservation a few weeks later. I used my oils for emotional support through ALL of this. Once I finished up with fertility treatments, I had a few weeks before I started Chemotherapy… so I got my research on! 

  • How could I support my body naturally after chemo wiped everything out? 

  • How could I manage the side effects and symptoms withOUT another medication?!

Here is a list of my Top Five Young Living Essential oils (and products) that helped support my emotions and my body during a very trying time! 

  1. Peace & Calming: The name says it ALL!  When I was overwhelmed, anxious, or upset I applied this oil to the back of my neck and shoulders, and I would cup my hands over my nose/mouth and breath in deeply. I would feel the tension subside, and I would be able to think clearly to make those BIG decisions.  

  2. Ningxia Red: This is a juice that Young Living makes that is full of antioxidants and supports every inch of your body. I intuitively knew that I needed to add this to my daily routine even before doing my research! I am so thankful I had this because I was SO dehydrated after my treatments that I couldn’t even smell coffee for a few days. I would drink Ningxia instead! 2oz with some coconut water or a Spindrift and I was good for the day! It also help support my immune system and keep my bloodwork in the normal range! 

  3. Peppermint: The first few chemo sessions were ROUGH. I didn’t have much of an appetite and smelling certain things would make my stomach turn. Peppermint was there to support that uneasy feeling. I would diffuse this while I was home after a treatment, smell it straight from the bottle if I was out and about, and if I really needed some serious support I would take a few drops in a capsule! This oil was a lifesaver when I felt nauseous.  

  4. Thieves: I am an elementary school teacher and I went back to school in September. I needed to make sure I had something that would help support my immune system. Thieves to the rescue! I diffused this in my classroom and when I got home at night from November-March. I rolled this on the bottoms of my feet and down my spine everyday, and I am happy to report that with a weak immune system (thanks chemo) I didn’t catch any of the funk that would go through the school! And, that year was one of the WORST flu seasons!  

  5. Frankincense: This was given to baby Jesus… so we should ALL have this oil! I use this oil daily on my scars, it is an amazing oil for skin support! I have incision scars from from surgery, where the port was put in/taken out, and where they took lymph nodes. I apply frankincense to them every day and they look AWESOME! You should also google how GREAT frankincense is for healthy cell division!

So you still may be wondering how cancer changed my life for the BETTER… I have learned that the products we use daily, products that the FDA says are “within safe limits” are actually extremely toxic to our bodies! I have switched EVERYTHING in my home to Young Living products, products that I know are SAFE for me and my family! And… I get to share the LOVE I have for this company and their products with everyone I know! I love sharing my experience with essential oils with people so they can start their wellness journey!  

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