It's Our Anniversary!

Survivor Chest is two years old! What started as a subscription box service is now a luxury gifting service - what a journey it has been!

When I launched the company during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2016, I had no idea how people would react. I was nervous that things wouldn’t work out - that I would fail. I was fearful people would think that I had no authority creating wellness gifts for those who have battled cancer because I, myself, hadn’t. I was so wrong.

The thank you notes I get in the mail, testimonials via email, and even comments on social media have had such a positive impact on my confidence as a business owner. Of course I have a voice, I helped my mom during her cancer journey off and on for years. I know, first hand, what it is like to be a caregiver – driving her to chemo while she hung over a pink hospital pan in the passenger seat, bathing her in the evenings, organizing medication, and even becoming her power of attorney at 22 years old.

Of course I have a voice, I helped my mom during her cancer journey off and on for years.

I like to think that by sending Survivor Chest care packages I am helping women in ways that I helped my mom. Not in the same ways, but indirectly. All I want to do is bring a little spirit back into the lives of women who are physically and mentally fighting through each day. It’s hard being a caregiver, and possibly even harder being someone close to a cancer patient that doesn’t know how to help. And, I am grateful to each of you who finds my care packages to be a solution.


I want to personally thank everyone who has cheered Survivor Chest on, sent words of encouragement, and donated Chests to women who are lacking a support network. Not only have you helped me manifest a dream that was originally my mother’s, but you have helped me grow through grief, find direction, and feel fulfilled.

As a thank you to all of you, during our Anniversary month Survivor Chest will be offering a five percent discount on all purchases (use the code: “ANNIE5”), and doubling our savings towards Pam’s Wellness Center.

Sending well wishes to each of you.

Much Love,


Lexie RayburnComment