Trusting in God's Plan - Especially During the Downs

This morning while getting ready for work I was reminded of Philippians 1:6, "And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns."

Then all of a sudden I started remembering the t-shirts, pamphlets, ads, tote bags, prayer boxes, and everything I have ever designed to campaign for breast cancer.

My aunt was like a mother to me so I really took breast cancer awareness to heart.

The scripture tells us that God is a God of completion. Therefore everything that he sees as good he's sure to help you complete. Meaning, whatever dream HE set in you, although delayed will be completed.

So, for me personally, this morning God was saying, ‘Evelina your work is incomplete.’

Even when I reconnect with my college professors they always say, "Oh, I remember you Evelina! Whatever happened to your BC campaign?" I would go on to tell them how I tried with one company, but I never got a response. It's funny to me when they mention that because I always thought they'd remember me for something else I designed, but nope it was that campaign that made a lasting impression in their hearts.

You see friends, God wasn't ready for me then - he was only planting the seed. That company may have given me the runaround, but God was saying, "No, not yet... I'm going to place you in the right season, with the right people, in the right place, in the right zip code. I'm going to make this campaign even more personal to you so that nobody, I said nobody, will be able to say no to you my dear." And look at the opportunity now! Isn't he amazing? Hallelujah. I went from struggling "on my own" trying to get the right contact number, to being in the midst today of one of the top hospitals in Virginia. (I said isn't he Amazing????!!) Yes!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy I ended up with cancer to get here, in fact I wish my suffering on no one. But when you're walking through a storm - as I am now - you have to somehow stop and say, "Lord, I know this suffering didn't come from you, but you've allowed it. Therefore show me what you want me to learn in this season?" And, for me, I hear Him saying, "Honey, we must finish what we started."

So friends, if you have a dream, know that God has not forgotten you but that it may not have been your season. God is preparing you for something even greater and more mind blowing. He's preparing to manifest that dream in an atmosphere where nobody, I mean nobody, will be able to say no to you. So continue trusting in Him and believing, because God will not stop until it is "COMPLETE"!

Be Encouraged.

- Evelina, J. B.