In the Middle - Post-Mastectomy Inspiration

Good Moooorning,

I just finished listening to Joyce Meyers this morning and her message for today was, "Don't give up in the middle."

In a way that really hit home for me because after my lumpectomy I really did my best to stay strong minded. Because, like Pastor O'Donnell says, when you allow your soul to stay broken you're giving the enemy the perfect opportunity to take control.

So, praise God for the strength that he gives me day by day to smile in the midst of my trials. Thank God for the strength to go on; thank God that I'm not sitting around feeling sorry for myself; thank God for reminding me that joy cometh in the morning; and, thank God that "I know" I'm only being used for his glory.

Yes! Father, thank you for not allowing me to give up in the middle.

I could've easily turned on you when the report came back with a positive margin, or when the chemo drained me, or even right now after loosing a breast. Looord, thank you for keeping me afloat, and for not letting me give up in the middle!


- Evelina, J. B.