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Cancer and the Holidays

Christmas was always a big production for my mom. I’m talking boxes upon boxes of green, red, and white knick knacks that replaced all of the other knick knacks around the house for a couple of months each year.

Gifts were extravagant, and cookies were baked for days and then piled into little Christmas tins for the neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends. Even in some of the difficult years, while my mom was also going to chemo, radiation, or whatever the treatment was at that time, she still made an effort to keep Christmas consistent.

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Welcome to the Survivor Chest Community Blog!

I'm so excited to be launching the Survivor Chest blog!

For a long time, I have wanted Survivor Chest to not only be a place for people to buy care packages, but a way for women who have been affected by cancer to meet each other and share what they've been through. From previvors, thrivers, and survivors to caregivers and loved ones, this blog is a place for everyone.

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