About Us

Survivor Chest care packages are created specifically for women facing cancer. We strongly believe that there is a survivor inside every woman – from previvors to fighters, thrivers, and survivors. Survivor Chest isn’t just about sending a thoughtful care package, but about cultivating the survivor in every woman.

Each of our gifts is filled with intentional items for the survivor in your life. We’ve taken her feelings, sensitivities, and journey with cancer into account… meaning she’ll discover products that help with her symptoms, uplift her spirits, and make her life easier. An added bonus – the contents of every Survivor Chest are organic, non-toxic, sensitivity-friendly, and mildly scented.

Survivor Chest was launched in 2016 in honor of Pam Runge - a spunky and intelligent single mother and breast cancer fighter who passed in 2010. For 13 years, Pam battled the ups and downs of the disease, meeting other warriors like herself along the way. It quickly became her dream to help and support these women by opening a cancer-focused wellness center that women could visit for nutritional counseling, massage, yoga therapy, support group meetings, and much more.

Her daughter, Lexie, started Survivor Chest so that she could bring Pam’s dream to life. Today, it is Lexie’s goal to continue supporting women facing cancer by sending Survivor Chest care packages. In addition, Lexie is saving 10 percent of all proceeds to open Pam’s wellness center.


To cultivate the survivor in every woman.


In honor of Pamela Runge, we are saving 10 percent of all proceeds to open a wellness center that women facing cancer can visit for resources and support, and therapeutic services such as massage, yoga, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and more.  


Pam's Story

At the age of 40, my mother Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a single mother of two, she knew she had to put up a fight. For 13 years she battled the ups and downs of cancer - the cycle of treatment, remission, survivorship, and the fearful discovery of a new lump. Pam was known to light up a room with her contagious laughter and positive energy. Even when faced with cancer, her joy and charisma persisted.

Inspired by the many women she met on her journey, it became her dream to open a wellness facility for women to visit during and after their battle with cancer - a place where they could feel empowered, supported, and beautiful.

My mother passed in 2010, but her dream lives on inside my heart. Her bucket list still hangs on my refrigerator and among her wishes to visit the Eiffel Tower, climb a mountain in Nepal, and stay in a glass bottom overwater bungalow in Fiji, reads, “Open my Facility”. So far I've spread her ashes at the top of the Eiffel, off the balcony of a glass bottom overwater bungalow, and a handful of other places. Next up, open a wellness center.

For each Chest that you enjoy, 10 percent of proceeds are saved to open Pam’s Wellness Facility.

With Love,